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North Gate Lodge, Haddo, Inverkeithny, Huntly, AB54 7XB, call 01464 851 621

Masterplan Proposal


Masterplanning Development


Project Summary

ak|a prepared a masterplan for a 100 new houses and employment land providing an extension to a village in rural Aberdeenshire. We recognised that maintaining the villages integrity and quality required a strategic vision for the site.

The concept for the site has been closely influenced by the analysis of the square and adjacent streets, public open space at its heart, gable frontages, varied roof lines stepped building lines, interesting corners,

changes in direction and a variety in streetscapes.

Our vision is for a contemporary re-interpretation of the North East village vernacular. The proposal looks to challenge the perception of the mass housing market, to prove that housing can be both attractive and affordable with simple forms, correct proportions and appropriate materials and materials.

Masterplan Proposal
Masterplan Proposal
Masterplan Proposal
Masterplan Proposal
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